The second time.

It’s been a long time since  my last post. Over three months, and we now have a 10 week old baby and a 2 year old. I posted all about our journey with raising Curly, the lessons I learned, our efforts with sleeping, feeding, discipline. Well those lessons never stop, and now we have a chance to implement some of those things we learned with Immy (the newest member) AND find out if that annoyingly glib phrase is true…”all babies are different.”

My labour was different, three hours, no pain relief, an intense but ultimately rewarding experience. Immy was/is healthy and happy, and breastfeeding has been fairly simple. All this has made for a vastly different…mum! I had one moment of post-traumatic flashback just before leaving the hospital, and almost didn’t go home, thank goodness for an awesome husband and understanding midwives. And so began a relatively normal and calm newborn homecoming. It made me realise, with some embarrassment, how neurotic I had been when Curly came home from the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, there were still nights were the tears would fall, while I silently screamed in my head at this baby nibbling my breasts – and not because it hurt, but because it was plain annoying…does that make it worse? But panic and anxiety were absent this time.

So below is a list of things I’ve done differently this time (so far), and ideas I may have changed my mind on (let’s face it, she’s only 10 weeks and things will probably change again!).

  • A feeding and sleeping routine worked so well with Curly. We started at 4 months and never looked back. It made sense to start from the get go with Immy…until it didn’t. We’ll cross that bridge when she’s a bit older. For now I’ve attempted a rough sleeping routine during the day and a consistent bedtime. The bedtime has worked well, keeping things dark, using a dummy, and putting in the cot while she’s still awake. Those sleep lessons from Curly were valuable. But daytime sleeps have had to be much more flexible…after all, it’s impossible to stop a young baby from falling asleep – you just have to go with it.
  • I tried a bit of a feeding routine, but at the end of the day…if she’s hungry, I feed her. I used to be very into the timed/spaced feedings, I’ve probably changed on that one quite dramatically. It doesn’t seem as natural when breastfeeding…and breastfeeding (for Immy) is much easier than bottle feeding, so why not throw her on the breast for five minutes if that’s what she wants. This could account for the difference. That being said, I’m still aware that not every cry is a cry for my boobs. She often cries a bit dramatically when she’s tired, so I don’t feed her then, I put her in bed…or her pram (often her pram). And at night, I have no problem using the dummy as a snooze button, if she’s hungry she’ll let me know..doing this has meant we get as long as 7 hours sometimes overnight, woohoo!

I thought this list would be longer…but what else do babies do other than feed and sleep? Not to mention, who has time for long blog posts when the house smells like poo because the toddler needs her nappy changed.

I’ll have a post soon on parenting two, and managing a toddler with a newborn. Fun times.

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