Food my toddler eats

I am not a culinary expert, I’d call myself a lazy to moderate foodie. I love whole foods, and prefer a bowl of vegetables to a steak. For the last two years I’ve been pushing my healthy eating agenda on the rest of the family, and learning how to cook meals that I can enjoy, and my toddler will (for the most part) eat.  Below is a list of some foods we’ve had success with, they feature regularly in our household.


Pasta – especially Angel Hair Spaghetti and anything with a tomato base. This is great for hiding vegetables. Sometimes I mush pumpkin up into the sauce and whizz spinach through it. We don’t eat mince at home, so I often fill out the sauce with tinned lentils. Hint…use onions to sweeten up and season any dish rather than too much salt, though I’m sure this could be the culprit behind smelly noises in our house. The ultimate version of this is “noo noo and peas”… pasta with peas and pieces of pumpkin or carrot.

Salmon Patties – Easy, mashed potato, tin of pink salmon, an egg or two and a bit (just a bit) of flour (or some alternative). You can get fancy if you want and coat them in panko bread crumbs, or not.

Corn Fritters – lots of corn, a little bit of cheese, some spinach if you’re sneaky, mixed into a flour, milk and egg mixture.

Corn on the cob – keep the leaves on and microwave for 4mins

Tomato Pieces
Avocado Pieces

Rice – white or brown…plain. This is always a hit. I use it to accompany something Curly hasn’t tried before, or vegetables she doesn’t normally go for. This way I know she’ll at least have a tummy full of stodgy rice before going to bed.

Potato – mashed, chopped or fried. This is my favourite vegetable. Poke a fork into a whole potato and microwave for 2-3mins, perfect snack.

Soup – awesome go to. Toddlers favourite is pumpkin soup (add potatoes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes or carrots…any vegie you want really). Make a big batch, to stretch it out you can add pasta, quinoa or barley and turn it into a bit of a stew. We’ve been known to live off one batch of stew for four days.

Fish – This took a while for Curly to come round to, we just kept offering it. She loves it now, especially salmon.

Beans – Kidney, butter, Cannellini, chick peas. Mix these through a vegie stew, if she doesn’t eat the vegies, she’ll at least eat the beans – and research has shown those who eat beans regularly live longer and suffer less cancers, obesity, cardiovascular disease. And…if you eat these regularly, they don’t cause gas like it’s believed, but who cares if they do, I’d rather fart my way to old age than suffer an early death. Once again though, we had to persist with offering these, now she loves beans.

Peanut butter sandwich – This is my “got home from play date really late and the toddler needs to have a nap better feed her something quickly before that” meal.

Toasted sandwich – our favourite mix is avocado, grated carrot, tomato and grated cheese. I only toast a little bit so it sticks together.


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