Baby. SLEEP!

I recently came across a blog/website/facebook page which provides great advice for managing sleeping problems with babies and toddlers.

When I say ‘sleeping problems’ I mean it in the sense of, if it’s a problem for you. And that is the main philosophy of this company. If it’s not a problem for you and your family, then it’s not a problem. If you are over-tired, anxious and need some sleep, then there will be a way to help baby sleep better which you can feel comfortable implementing – and trying to find help with this is totally okay!

It’s no secret I’m a big supporter of sleep training, and you can read about what we did with both our girls. But that’s because that style of parenting and training appealed to me. I LOVE being organised, consistency, I LOVE printing out schedules, lists, routines. But I’m also capable of adapting these and flexibly bending to the curveballs little human beings can throw us. My days did not run to a rigidly structured minute by minute roster. But as a friend of mine recently put it, we found a ‘rhythm’ to our family life. That being said, if you need a strict to the minute instruction manual for raising baby…go for it! If you like the idea of a fluid, day by day approach then do that!

Find peace and happiness in your family through whatever parenting method works. I write this blog from my experiences, a limited frame of reference.


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