When the three year old won’t nap.

Toddlers go through many changes to their sleep patterns. The latest scary development in our house was Curly’s total resistance to any day sleep at all. You know those questions you ask friends in the hope you’ll find a fellow sufferer, someone to share in your misery, like “does your child still have a day sleep?” Well I’ve been asking that one…and still found no counterpart. It seems three year olds everywhere are well rested sleeping angels.

Of course I know that’s not true. Is it…!?

We’ve been using “quiet time” for a while now. Curly get’s to jump into mum and dads bed with some books and puzzles for a couple of hours, and for a while there the lure of a soft pillow and block out blinds was enough to get her snoring. And then it wasn’t. Thirty minutes in I’d hear a little ‘knock knock’ at the hallway door. “I don’t want quiet time anymore”. The wails as I led her back to the bedroom were usually enough to wake Immy from her midday sleep and together we’d all end up on the lounge room floor a tired miserable bunch. Other days I might let her out and we’d agree she could sit on the couch for quiet time, or shock horror…watch T.V. But with renewed determination I’ve clung to the promise of a midday break and we uphold the tradition of quiet time in mum and dad’s bed. Maybe three days out of seven she has gone back to sleeping, and the other days I’ve had to accept my toddler is not so much a toddler anymore.

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