It’s so much bigger than us

I sat on the couch watching TV tonight but in my mind I heard a distinct prompt…”pray” it kept saying. “Stop and spend time with me” I felt the spirit urge. There I was, all four children sleeping soundly and H. out of the house for the evening, I could watch whatever I wanted on TV, bag of popcorn on my lap.


I didn’t pray. I put it off – “I’ll do that later, I’m fine, God still loves me even if I don’t pray. I’m probably making this up anyway it’s just guilt and that’s not from God.”

I watched TV. And as the show came to an end I heard yelling from next door, a disturbance. I don’t know what it was about, it didn’t last for a long time but in that moment I was hit with conviction. I got to my knees and asked for forgiveness.

God’s view is not a narrow window that looks out only upon his church. God sees all, he sees this world he created and that includes your neighbour, the postie, that guy you see walking his dog everyday. He’s not just sitting back in heaven observing it all distantly, smiling approvingly at your prayers.

There is an orchestra playing and you are a note.

Across the ancient expanse of lives this rock has homed, to the stretch of space, the limits of the vast universe; a melody plays. In the mystery of the heavenly realms and holy places a harmony rises. God’s heart beats for humanity and he’s calling out his church, his bride. “Stand and join the song I’ve been writing from the beginning of time. It’s a song of love. Your life is not your own.”

We are called to prayer not to show God our discipline and righteousness. We are called to prayer for the home at the end of your street where a child cries himself to sleep. You cannot see it, but God sees it. We pray for the father next door who’s alone and weeping, defeated by life. You cannot see them, but God does and his heart is moved. So announce his goodness, pray in the spirit, join the chorus for your home, street, suburb, city. You cannot see the echo of your voice, but your prayers send out ripples that carry God’s power to the hearts and minds of this world he loves.

“Let my kingdom come, let my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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