Part 3: Coarc…what?

Curly (not her real name) was born in a little West Australian town March 2013, weighing a healthy 4.05kg with a strong heartbeat. Whilst still in the hospital I felt at one point that her breathing was a bit fast, but a midwife quickly dismissed my concerns claiming that this was normal. We took our... Continue Reading →

Part 2: Birth. Not as I imagined.

The excitement felt when I realised that pain was contractions, regular contractions, I'll never forget. Excitement, fear of what lay in store, it was my time to experience childbirth like the billions of women gone before me. I felt the contractions early in the morning and by 9am they started to happen fairly regularly. But... Continue Reading →

Part 1: The best-laid schemes o’ mice an men

Lots of little girls play with dolls, I was no exception. My fascination, or obsession, with playing 'mums and dad's or 'happy suburban family' extended to my dreams. I would lie in bed at night and design the perfect suburban home, picturing myself preparing school lunches and driving the children around. When I was six... Continue Reading →

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