Potty Time

The ease and convenience of disposable nappies have been a guilty indulgence for me as a parent. Every time I put that nappy in the bin, so conveniently out of sight and out of mind, a little piece of me  (the ethical part) shrivels up. I've tried to pacify the nagging conscience with excuses and... Continue Reading →

Toddler Magic

Children are beautifully adaptable. Whilst they do have individual personality traits, they're also like sponges and love to learn. I hear so often the catch-phrase, "oh, well, every child is different" to explain away difficult behaviour. But children are able to be trained, and it builds their self-confidence. Perhaps parents fear they're being manipulative or... Continue Reading →

Food my toddler eats

I am not a culinary expert, I'd call myself a lazy to moderate foodie. I love whole foods, and prefer a bowl of vegetables to a steak. For the last two years I've been pushing my healthy eating agenda on the rest of the family, and learning how to cook meals that I can enjoy,... Continue Reading →

Day One (and only) of our potty training…

Friday night it was decided. Saturday and Sunday H. and I would co-run an intensive potty training program for our almost-2 year old. Never one to shy away from deep end dives, Curly woke up Saturday morning to be greeted with a pair of 'big-girl knickers!' Towels were laid out on carpet, stickers were strategically placed for reward... Continue Reading →

My joys of parenthood

The title of this post is not meant to be ironic. Below is a genuine list of some favourite lovelies with my daughter. 1. Cuddles. Especially when they're accompanied by an "ahhhh" (read that as a soft sound not a scream!). 2. Mid-cuddle eye contact and smile. Sometimes Curly will look up suddenly from her... Continue Reading →


I had to re-read one of my posts today on disciplining a toddler. It's obvious when I was writing that, my ability to logically rationalise and reason through my toddler's behaviour hadn't been affected yet by 'fuzzy brain syndrome'...otherwise known as pregnancy. For the past two days I have cooked delicious meals for Curly only to have the spoon/bowl/cup... Continue Reading →

Hunger Games II

I had to re-read an old post today for a little comfort. The food wars have officially started again in our house (for maybe the 10th...20th time, who's counting). In an attempt to salvage a waning tradition of 'Fish Friday' I opted for takeaway fish and chips instead of a healthy chickpea, vegetable and pasta... Continue Reading →

The stage…

I had a day yesterday of questioning every parenting decision I've ever made. H copped the brunt of it as per usual, "She doesn't like me anymore!" I'd spent the day with a stubborn little 15month old who couldn't tell me what was up so there were tears, tantrums, biting and food spitting. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

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