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How to Speak ‘parent’ and ‘Internet parent’ Becoming a parent opens you up to a whole new world of vocabulary. Before you know it you’ll be dream-feeding your LO while DD1 is self-settling (thanks to that CIO method you used). Being a STM is so much easier than being a FTM, unless your DS2 happens... Continue Reading →


**This is an older post I forgot to publish! Curly is now 4.5 and I see that pre-frontal cortex development making strides in emotional regulation :). Time to practice what I preach with number 2. You know when number 1 comes along, and everyone wants to give you advice? I was like, "butt out, I've got... Continue Reading →

When the three year old won’t nap.

Toddlers go through many changes to their sleep patterns. The latest scary development in our house was Curly's total resistance to any day sleep at all. You know those questions you ask friends in the hope you'll find a fellow sufferer, someone to share in your misery, like "does your child still have a day sleep?" Well I've... Continue Reading →

Ah ha!

I had one of those moments today.  When a theory suddenly clicks into place and becomes a new paradigm to live by. It's common sense, nothing fancy, something I thought I already knew. It was a moment where I bridged the gap between my idealism and real life practice. The parenting experts (you know the ones) tell us we... Continue Reading →

Baby. SLEEP!

I recently came across a blog/website/facebook page which provides great advice for managing sleeping problems with babies and toddlers. When I say 'sleeping problems' I mean it in the sense of, if it's a problem for you. And that is the main philosophy of this company. If it's not a problem for you and your... Continue Reading →

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