Cute kids.

Quotes from my lovely lovelies. A record of their cuteness.

2020 (Curly 7yo, Immy 5yo)

Immy: What will happen to the house if we’re dead?
Curly: (matter of fact) Someone else will come and live in it.


2019 (Curly 6yo, Immy 4yo)

Curly playing with Immy in the Bunnings play area: Stay in your bedroom until I say you can come out. I’m vacuuming the house!


2018 (Curly 5yo, Immy 3yo)

H. Reading Curly’s nightie: follow your heart.
Immy: What!? Hearts don’t walk!

Immy: I want food yoghurt.
Me: your yoghurt’s right here (pointing at a cup of strawberry yoghurt).
Immy: No, I want FOOD yoghurt
Me: what’s that?
Immy: Those! (Pointing at a punnet of strawberries)

Curly: Mummy, I love you a hundred, billion, trillion, thousand trousand, eighty two, ten, one, billion.
Immy: Mummy, I love you…Five.


2017 (Curly 4yo, Immy 2yo)

Curly’s excuse for getting caught out of bed tonight…”Immy made me copy her!”

On the way to her first dance class.
Me: there’ll be a big room and a teacher who’ll tell you what to do.
Curly: But I already know what to do!


2016 (Curly 3yo, Immy 1yo)

Curly: “I don’t like sultanas because they’re too squishy and skin coloured on the inside of them”.

Curly: “Why do adults need mummies?”

After some mosquito swatting excitement in our house.
Curly: “What does kill mean?”

Upon being told it was quiet time, even between tears Curly was able to channel Anna (Frozen):
Curly: “I can’t live like this!”

Me: We have to get ready, you’re going to have dinner at Grandma’s tonight.
Curly: Without you?
Me: Yes
Curly: (squeal of delight) Yay! I LOVE Grandma!

A breakfast time musing
Curly: “I Love you Immy, because you love me.”

Holding Curly’s hand while we navigate a street.
Curly: “When me gets bigger I won’t hit myself.”
Me: “What do you mean you won’t hit yourself.”
Curly: “With a car.”

Me: “Stop following Immy around and telling her what to do”
Curly: “But she’s my baby dog.”

Curly: “Do you need to buy another new Immy?”

Me: “Dinner’s ready.”
Curly: “Yes! I’ll be there right soon.”

Wandering around a nursery Curly spots a statue of a child doing a wee into a pond (you know those weird fountains?).
Curly: (loudly for all too hear…at numerous stages throughout our wander) “That man’s doing a WEE mummy!”

Me: “Jesus loves you.”
Curly: “Yes, and he lives in my tummy!”

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