Finding my tribe

I sat down in the waiting area of the doctors surgery, LittleM and LittleJ were both starting to get restless and upset. I tried straddling the double pram so I could begin a dummy in, dummy out battle with their tongues, the eyes of other patients glancing my way. Like when you have a sore... Continue Reading →

Entering the unknown.

I held LittleM close to my chest and looked up at the midwife, "will it hurt?" I asked, my voice trembling. It was time for LittleJ to make his entrance but my body was still reeling from pushing out his twin sister and he was not planning to greet us head first. I looked down... Continue Reading →

It’s so much bigger than us

I sat on the couch watching TV tonight but in my mind I heard a distinct prompt..."pray" it kept saying. "Stop and spend time with me" I felt the spirit urge. There I was, all four children sleeping soundly and H. out of the house for the evening, I could watch whatever I wanted on... Continue Reading →

Part 5 – 23 Weeks in.

How do you like to take a swim?┬áDo you run through the surf and dive into a wave? Jump off a jetty? Or, perhaps you're like me, bit by bit edging deeper, pausing to let your body adjust as the cold water hits fresh skin. Then occasionally a wave rises further than your tiptoes can... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Vulnerability when comforting others

"Vulnerability: Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally." The Oxford Dictionary I once saw being vulnerable as the ability to open up to others about the things going on in our lives. That we 'exposed' a part of ourselves which was emotionally fragile and at times shameful. That's all... Continue Reading →

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